Victory Village, Nelson, New Zealand

Puppet Making Workshop

Posted on
28 January 2015

puppet making poster

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Victory Neighbours Day Celebration

Posted on
24 March 2014


Victory Community

Come to the Victory Square park on Sunday 30th March 3pm-7pm

For: Pot luck dinner (5pm) and games. Meet the neighbours from your street

BYO: Food to BBQ, or pre prepared dish, drink ( non alcoholic) Plates, cups, cutlery (non disposable)

neighbours day logoCancelled if raining

Supported by the Victory Community Association




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Opportunity for Victory School kids to win for #GigatownNelson

Posted on
15 March 2014

A new #GigatownNelson competition has been announced today, this time calling on kids to create a video that educates and inspires. The winning school receives $2500 and 10 GoPro cameras. Additionally Victory’s victory (sorry, couldn’t resist that one) could bring in an astounding 300,000 points for #GigatownNelson!

The Theme
We’re inviting school students to create a short, exciting video that will inspire New Zealand. They could win great prizes for their school as well as grabbing more points for their Gigatown.

How to Win
Inspire kids you know to collaborate and make a video about a day in the life of a gigabit connected school in Gigatown. What will change in the classroom and how will it enhance the way they learn? For all the details visit [] .

What you Win
A taste of how great technology can change schools with $2,500 worth of technology and 10 GoPro video cameras for the winning school in each age group, plus 300,000 Gigapoints for the town they support.

The Rules
- The competition is in two age groups: Junior (years 1 – 8) and Senior (years 9 – 13).
- Videos must be between two and five minutes in length.
- Schools can choose to support any of the towns competing for Gigatown – the school doesn’t need to be in the area.
- The completed video needs to be loaded on YouTube, and the link uploaded on the Gigatown site by the end of Friday 4th July. Plus, by the end of Friday 11th July, the YouTube video must have a minimum of 500 views
- Only one entry per school, per age group.
- Check out the full competition rules at []

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GigatownNSN Moves Up

Posted on
6 March 2014

We’ve had two Gigatown mini-contests end since my last update here – with somewhat of a mixed bag of results. There is also some very big news to share! But first, the contests…

The Instagram ‘Home of the Future’ contest (previously) has ended, with Nelson placing fourth. The contest was based on the number of submissions, and only the top three towns were awarded additional contest points. The news isn’t all bad however, because each Instagram post still earned points towards our overall score, and Nelson made a showing to be proud of, earning a good increase in points just from submissions!

gigasun1_MichelleLangThe latest contest just ended today – and Nelson did well in this one! The latest being an Instagram Video contest (Which apparently I completely forgot to make a post about here – Mea culpa!). The contest required that an Instagram video communicate the idea of both speed and capacity in only 5-15 seconds to qualify. The scoring was simply 1000 points per qualifying video. We still managed to place second with over 500 videos qualifying, and first place went to Dunedin who managed over twice as many qualifying submissions.

In the meantime while all this has been going on, Nelson had managed to creep up into sixth place from thirteenth only two months ago. Most of our points earning seems to be coming via people tweeting the #gigatownnsn hashtag on Twitter, as well as using the hashtag in posts on the Facebook page and Instagram posts. Great to see people still posting photos to Flickr with the hashtag as well! The ‘official’ GigatownNelson Flickr group continues to grow and show what a paradise we really do live in.

And now as promised, the very big news – A big congratulations goes out to everyone in Nelson, because we have moved up into fifth place on the Gigatown leader board! This is absolutely fantastic because only the top 5 scoring towns will be included in the final competition after 30 September. As long as Nelson can maintain ourselves in the top 5, we’re in the finals! So everybody needs to keep on tweeting or whatever it is you’re doing to win this contest for all of us! You’re doing awesome!

As always, more information can be found on the GigatownNelson website and the Facebook page. If you haven’t signed up (that earns 10 points for Nelson right there!) you can do that on the Gigatown website.

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Friday summer barbeques

Posted on
19 February 2014

The Victory community association with help from generous local sponsors, are providing a free BBQ dinner at the lark in the park events in the square.Come along with your friends and family enjoy the play equipment and friendly atmosphere of Victory on Fridays 5.30- 7.30pm.

Sponsored by: Sealord, Resolution Chambers, On the spot convenience, Giuseppes fish & chips, Just Turkish kebabs and YMCA Nelson


Cancelled it wet





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GigatownNSN Instagram Mini-Comp

Posted on
2 February 2014

Sorry I’m a bit late on this, spent nearly all of last week in Golden Bay – scorching hot, perfect weather!

Anyway, there’s another Gigatown Nelson mini-contest underway – it started Thursday, but is still running and won’t be over until Wednesday at midnight. The way to win this is to be the town with the most Instagram photos uploaded with the hashtag #gigatownnsn or #gigatownnelson by the time it ends. This contest also has a theme – to quote from the rules

Post an Instagram photo that illustrates what you want to see or experience in your Connected Dream Home of the Future.

You don’t even have to leave your house for this one! No limit to how many ideas you can post. Full rules here.

Show Nelson (and NZ) that Victory can lead the way in bright ideas for the future!

Full rules here:

Instagram Connected Dream Home of the Future Competition

Post an Instagram photo that illustrates what you want to see or experience in your Connected Dream Home of the Future. You could help your town win big gigapoints.

Gigapoints up for grabs:

1st place – 75,000 Gigapoints

2nd place – 50,000 Gigapoints

3rd place – 25,000 Gigapoints

Plus the chance to win five bonus prizes of 1,000 points each from the @Gigatowngnome.

Find out more about the Gigatowngnome here

How to play:

Sign in or register for Instagram and upload a photo that illustrates what you want to see or experience in your Connected Dream Home of the Future.

You must include a brief description of what it is you want to see or experience in your Connected Dream Home of the Future.

To be eligible the picture must be an original photograph or illustration, i.e. not an image you’ve pinched from the internet! We reserve the right to disqualify any pinched pics.

The picture must include your town’s unique short code hashtag (e.g. #gigatownABC) PLUS the hashtag #Gigahome

Entries are open from 10am Friday 31st January until midnight Wednesday, 5th February, 2014.

The town that submits the most eligible entries will win. Your town’s population multiplier will be applied in this competition.

The winning towns will be announced on the Gigatown website on Monday 10th February 2014.

You can enter an many times as you like, however each entry must illustrate a different experience or connected device in your Connected Dream Home of the Future. We reserve the right to disqualify entrants attempting to submit the same entry over and over again.

Instagram posts will also earn points for your town in the usual way.

Gigatown terms and conditions apply to this promotion.

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GigatownNelson Mini-Competetion Starts Today

Posted on
23 January 2014

We’re off to a roaring start – nearly 3000 points earned since the latest mini-competition kicked off about 5 hours ago. This is huge – already more points than we’ve earned in a single day previously!

This weekend’s mini-competition started today and runs through the weekend to end on Tuesday midnight. During this time we need as many of you as possible to sign up on the Gigatown website. The towns with the most signups will earn tons more points, and any town that doubles it’s number of signups gets an extra 25,000 points! Here’s how the scoring breaks down:

  • 1st place – 75,000 Gigapoints
  • 2nd place – 65,000 Gigapoints
  • 3rd place – 55,000 Gigapoints
  • 4th place – 45,000 Gigapoints
  • 5th place – 35,000 Gigapoints

If you’re already on board, keep on tweeting that hashtag and commenting on the Facebook page! If you want to talk to someone about signing up or need someone to help you convince your friends/family/neighbors/colleagues, stop by one of the sign-up booths over the weekend. There will be volunteers on Friday & Saturday at New World, and on Saturday at the Saturday Market in Montgomery Square downtown.

There will be more mini-competitions in the future, and the whole thing ends 30 September. Nelson just needs to land in the top 5 by then to be part of the final competition. With Victory’s support, we can win this thing! More information

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Little Day Out 2014 “make some noise”

Posted on
22 January 2014

The annual little day out festival in Victory square will be held on Sunday 9th February 1-6pm. This free fun festival put on by the Victory Community Association will be a themed event, “make some noise”. Bring along a handmade instrument, or create and decorate one on the day, we will be aiming to make enough noise to create a world record. A list of the talent that will be entertaining us on the day will be posted shortly.


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Cleaner required

Posted on
20 January 2014

A part time cleaner is required for cleaning the Victory Community BBQ in the square.The BBQ is cleaned three times per week in the summer and twice in winter at a rate of $30 per week. Expressions of interest are being sought by the 3rd February 2014 by email or phone to Trish,, 5394319.

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Welcome to 2014: The Year of #GigatownNelson

Posted on
6 January 2014

Kia Ora and welcome to 2014! I hope everyone had a good holiday season, I know I did.

I’m going to begin a regular post on here to keep everyone up-to-date on the progress as we blog, tweet, and facebook our way to becoming #GigatownNelson! If you haven’t heard about Gigatown Nelson or are not sure why it matters, I’ll try to help clear that up here, and I’m always willing to answer questions of course. If you’re already on-board and hashtagging away, let me be the first to say ‘Thank you!’, and keep on tweeting! Nelson can’t do this without everyone getting involved.

Whether you’ve heard of it last month or are just now hearing about it for the first time and wondering what Gigatown Nelson is, here’s the skinny: It’s a chance for Nelson to not only win Gigabit speed internet (that’s fast) at reduced cost, but to be the first town in NZ (actually the first town in the entire Southern hemisphere) to even have access to Gigabit internet. With everything moving to ‘the cloud’, the impact this could have on Nelson is simply enormous – not only for local businesses and the IT sector, but the education, arts, health & medical industries, pretty much everything you can imagine would benefit immensely from this.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

So you’re probably wondering how fast Gigabit internet access is – it’s fast. A Gigabit per second (1 Gb/s) is really, really fast. You’re probably already aware of the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) fibre-optic cable that Chorus has been installing all over Nelson (and most of NZ for that matter), well Gigabit is ten times faster than that and eighty times faster than current DSL speeds! Did I mention fast?

The next question you have is probably wondering ‘Why is it important for Nelson to be Gigatown?’ Think ‘Silicon Valley of the Southern Hemisphere’ (or of NZ at the very least). High-speed internet access is of prime value to the tech industries, and many already established in NZ would likely relocate to the winning Gigatown to take advantage of that (Let’s bring Weta Workshop to Nelson!). Of course not only would Gigatown make Nelson the tech centre of NZ for the forseeable future, not to mention all of the secondary benefits that would come along with that, the whole of Nelson would benefit directly too. In the field of education, it could for example transform NMIT into the leading IT/Computer Science school in NZ. Other schools could up their own game with basically no-limits bandwidth for teachers and students – entire classrooms full of leading-edge technology. Local retailers and wholesalers would see a huge increase in efficiency. Artists and musicians could upload their wares to the web in no time flat, or even collaborate online in real-time. The potential for innovation that Gigabit internet speed could bring to Nelson is simply unimaginable.

Victory Village is a key community in Nelson and Nelson cannot do this without our involvement. Imagine Victory School with Gigabit internet. Gigabit public wi-fi in Victory Square. Presentations at the Victory Community Centre with Gigabit access.

The remaining point is how do we make this a reality. The competition is entirely social media based. The first thing you can do is go to the Chorus Gigatown website (click ‘Join Up‘) and that will give us 10 points just for doing that! Next start hashtagging, that is, leave comments using the hashtag #GigatownNelson or #GigatownNSN on the ‘official’ GigatownNelson blog and the Facebook page. You can also hashtag photos you upload to Flickr and Pinterest, and any posts or comments on verified Tumblrs. All hashtags on Twitter are counted too. I should note you don’t need to join up on Chorus’ Gigatown site in order to use the hashtags, but that alone is worth 10 hashtags!

Victory Village was awarded Community of the Year in 2010, and Nelson won Google’s eTown award in 2013. Working together we can make this happen – Victory Village and Nelson deserve nothing less!

More information:

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